Mesin Cuci Laundry Hotel Berbagai Kapasitas

Mesin Cuci Laundry Hotel Berbagai Kapasitas 15 Kg, 18 kg, 20 kg, 22 kg, 23 kg, 25 kg, 27 kg, 30 kg, 35 kg, 40 kg, 45 kg, 50 kg, 60 kg, 65 kg, 70 kg, 100 kg, 120 kg dan 150 kg, untuk anda yang ingin menambah unit mesin cuci laundry hotel kami ada pilihan mesin laundry hotel yang cocok , mesin cuci ini ada 4 merk Lionix zein series untuk sianghai product dan untuk thailand produk ada Durablelux dan untuk mediumnya ada merk Pharos Buatan dari Hs CleanTech dari Negara Asal Korea , dan untuk mesin cuci untuk kebutuhan kualitan dan teknologi ada merk Domus Buatan Spanyol (Eropa) . berikut adalah spesifikasi mesin yang bisa anda pertimbangkan mesin cuci laundry hotel :

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Feature :

1. Heavy Duty Frame
2. Advanced Microcomputer. PC programmable. Programs can be transferred with memory cards
3. Extract Force 250G
4. 8 Signals for Central Liquid Chemical Supply. Expandable to 10
5. 5+1 Liquid Supply Connections
7. Stainless Steel Front Cabinet Panel for SA275 and SA300 only
8. Automatic Hydraulic Door Opening
9. Oversized door and basket opening
10. All parts in contact with wash solution made of 304 (18/8) stainless steel
11. Prepared for Direct Steam Injection
12. Single Motor Inverter Driven
13. Air Cushion Suspension System on SA-475
14. Dry Zone Bearing Design
15. Cool Down
16. Programmable Variable Speed
17. Programmable Water Levels
18. Programmable Water Temperature
19. Single 4″ Rear Drain Connection (SA275, 300)
20. Single 8″ Straigh Down Drain SA475
21. Pneumatic Water & Steam Vlaves on SA475
22. Electrical System Standard 380-415V / 50Hz / 3Ph, 208-240V / 60Hz / 3Ph, 440-460V / 60Hz / 3Ph
23. 5 compartment supply dispenser
24. Totally enclosed heavy duty drive motor
25. Bearings outside the wash solution
26. 3 degree leanback for lower bearing loads
27. Heavy duty suspension system

Options :

1.  Tilt one way Forward or Rear Hydraulic Type SA-475for easy unloading
2.  Tilt two way for loading and unloading, SA275, 300 Hydraulic Type SA475
3. Air Cushion Suspension
4. Hopper Loading Chute
5. Steam Heating
6. 5 Compartment Supply Dispencer
7. 2nd Drain for Water Recycle/Reuse
8. 3rd Water Inlet Connection & Valve for Recycle / Reuse
9.  Extra Inlet without Valve
10. Vapor Barrier for straight down drain
11. Vacuum Breaker on Water Inlets
12. Viton Main Seals for Special Applications (6pc)
13. All Wetted Metal Part 316 Stainless Steel
14. Front Panel Clad in Stainless Steel
15. Ph Testing Point (Front or Rear)
16.  Pneumatic water inlet valves per pair
17. Pneumatic steam inlet valves
18. PLC Control
19. Water Reuse System
20. Special Voltages
21. PC Programming kit for Std Controller
22. EMI Filter for CE
23. EMI Filter (Low Voltage)
24. Export Crating

Contact untuk spesifikasi detail dan permintaan surat penawaran harga 081213970585 (WA/Tlp)

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Updated: July 3, 2018 — 10:10 am

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