Jual Mesin Cuci Kapsul | Washer Capsule| Extractor

Jual Mesin Cuci Kapsul

Jual Mesin Cuci Kapsul/ Washer Capsule/Extractor berbagai kapasitas 30, 35,40,45,50,60,70,100,120,150,200,240 kg. untuk laundry hotel atau rumah sakit.


Capsul Jual Mesin Cuci Kapsul | Washer Capsule| Extractor

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mesin laundry hotel

JUAL MESIN CUCI KAPSUL/CAPSULE,harga mesin cuci kapsul, dan mesin extractornya , kwalitas barang import dan bergaransi 1 tahun kapasitas yang tersedia 30 kg, 40 kg, 50kg, 60kg,70 kg, 100 kg, 120 kg.


Capsul Jual Mesin Cuci Kapsul | Washer Capsule| Extractor
Horizontal%2BWashing%2BMachine Jual Mesin Cuci Kapsul | Washer Capsule| Extractor
1.Adopts horizontal drum structure, new style, compact structure and easy operation
2.Adopts automatic computer control, 5 programs. temperature & washing time adjustable.
3.Auto door opening-closing status detection, ensure operators safety
4.Adopt famous brand motor & parts to ensure stable performance.
5. Easy installation and maintenance. new generation, Suitable for washing various fabric and cloth. Ideal choice for laundry, hotel ,troops ,jeans or dyeing factory.
Extractor Jual Mesin Cuci Kapsul | Washer Capsule| Extractor

1. Adopts 3 feet style, good shock absorbing result, rotating at high speed and dewatering quickly.
2.good quality motor ,with stable running ,long time serveice year
3.Equipped with hand brake, can quiclky stop the machine, safety ensured.
4.can use different materials according to customers request.
5.Widely used in hotel, hospital, laundry and all kinds of factories that have a large demand of extracting.

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