Mesin Cuci Laundry Primus Top Loading Kapasitas 10 kg

Mesin Cuci Khusus Laundry/kiloan/satuan, Merek Primus kapasitas 10 kg Top Loading.

washer Mesin Cuci Laundry Primus Top Loading Kapasitas 10 kg
Harga 12 Juta  contact 081213970585 (WA/Telp)

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Spesifikasi :

* 230 Volt/ 50 Hz, Commercial Home-style Heavy Duty Topload Washer

* Single Speed, 1/3 HP Motor

* 3.3 Cubic ft (95 Liter) Capacity

* Automatic balance System

* Smooth and quiet Operation

* 27 Minutes Wash Cycle without interruption

* Seven cycles; three temperatures

* 710 Spin Speed RPM

* Attractive Rear Manual control Panel

* With Energy Saving Designation

* Long-lasting galvanized steel cabinet

* Dependable Eversmooth transmission

* Single-belt drive simplicity

* Corrosion-resistant polypropylene pump

* Pump clips for service convenience

* Adjustable water level control

* Stainless Steel Washtub

* PolyTuff Agitator

Product Specification:

Unit Dimension:
43”H x 25 5/8”W x 28”D
Unit Weight:
180 lb./ 82 Kg
Shipping Weight:
195 lb./ 88 Kg
Product Type:
Commercial Homestyle Topload Washer

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