Mesin Cuci | Washer MHN33 Maytag

Mesin Cuci | Washer MHN33 Maytag

maytag%2Bmhn33 Mesin Cuci | Washer MHN33 Maytag
mhn33%2Bspek Mesin Cuci | Washer MHN33 Maytag
spek%2Bmhn33%2B2 Mesin Cuci | Washer MHN33 Maytag
spek%2Bmh33%2B3 Mesin Cuci | Washer MHN33 Maytag

EXPORT MODEL MHN33PN MOTOR Variable-speed, reversible, thermoprotected, high-efficiency, controlled induction Yes Wash—HP (kw) .09 (.07) Extract—HP (kw) .54 (.40) Average energy consumption per cycle (kWh) .054

CAPACITY Cylinder volume—cu. ft. (liters) 3.1 (88) 
Cylinder diameter—in. (mm) 21.6 (547) 
Cylinder depth—in. (mm) 13.4 (341) 
WATER INLET HOSE Ft. (m) 4 (1.22)
 DRAIN HOSE Ft. (m) 6 (1.83)
Average hot water usage, hot water cycle 2.71 (10.26) 
Average hot water usage, warm water cycle .71 (2.69) 
Average total water usage per cycle 10.71 (40.5)*
Modified Energy Factor (MEF) 2.45 Water Factor (WF)
 3.50 ELECTRICAL RATING Export model—voltage 220–240V/50Hz 
WATER SUPPLY PRESSURE Psi (bar) 20–100 (1–8)
 SOUND LEVEL (export model only) Sound pressure level, Lpa (dbA) (Kpa: ± 3.6 dbA) 58 ADJUSTABLE LEVELING LEGS Yes COLOR White APPROXIMATE 
WEIGHT Crated—lbs. (kg) 244 (111) Uncrated—lbs. (kg) 235 (107) 
DIMENSIONS Width—in. (mm) 27 (686) Depth—in. (mm) includes handle 28.81 (732) Height—in. (mm) 37.81 (961) Door opening diameter—in. (mm) 14.25 (362) 
OPTIONAL PEDESTAL ADD: Height—in. (mm) 2.75 (70)

• Delivers more accurate cycle times and better unbalanced performance.*
• A six-point suspension features four dampers and two springs, providing better stability for the entire wash unit.
 • An accelerometer provides an accurate reading of cabinet vibration. DURACORE DRIVE SYSTEM
• Advanced drive system is more reliable.**
• Watertight, flexible triple-lip seal with garter spring keeps moisture away from the shaft, protecting the premium bearings.
• Durable shaft sleeve is designed to eliminate shaft wear.
• Delivers powerful profits for owners and provides flexibility to customers. Controls offer owners the ability to customize vend prices and washer cycle options, such as Super Cycle, ensuring optional revenue. Controls also give customers the option to select the ideal cycle for individual wash needs. ENERGY-EFFICIENT CLEANING
• Uses on average 10.71 gallons of water per cycle, which helps reduce energy and water costs
. • TurboWash™ System’s proven high-efficiency technology delivers energy savings without sacrificing cleaning performance. MAYTAG CONNECT 360°™ COMPATIBLE
 • Delivers real-time machine diagnostics to any tablet, computer or smartphone via the cloud. Management and feedback features offer owners the ultimate in machine control keeping you informed regarding pricing, service and diagnosis from anywhere you have access to the Internet

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