Mesin Cuci Industri untuk kebutuhan pabrik, hotel dan Rumah Sakit

Mesin Cuci Industri , info harga mesin cuci untuk kebutuhan mesin laundry pabrik , hotel dan Rumah Sakit , disini ada bisa mendapatkan penawaran harga untuk Mesin Cuci Industri untuk kebutuhan heavy duty , kami tawarkan ada 4 Merk Terkenal Lionix (China/Sianghai), Durablelux (Thailand Lisensi Amerika) , Pharos ( Hs CleanTech) Mesin Korea, dan ada juga produk Spanyol, berikut saya tampilkan spesifikasi untuk mesin cuci industri yang kami jual saat ini :

mesin-cuci-industri-246x300 Mesin Cuci Industri untuk kebutuhan pabrik, hotel dan Rumah Sakit

Feature :

1. Advanced Microcomputer. 10 Preset Factory Programs. 30 Programmable cycles
2. 90-150G Extraction Force
3. 4 Compartment Supply Dispenser (Except : HE20 – 3 Compartment Supply Dispenser)
4. Built-in Vacuum Breaker
5. 5+1 Connections & Flush for Central Liquid Chemical Supply
6. 4+3 Signals for Chemical Liquid Chemical Supply
7. All Parts in contact with wash solution made of 304 (18/8) stainless steel
8. Stainless Stell Full Front Cabinet Panel
9. Powder Coated (EG) Cabinet Side, Top and Rear Lower Panels
10. External Hot Water Supplied, prepared for Direct Steam Connection
11. Single Rear Drain Connection
12. Single Motor Inverter Driven – Programmable Variable Speed
13. Robust Gamma A – frame
14. Cool Down
15. 3 Water Levels
16. Programmable water temperature
17. Electrical System Standard 380-415V / 50Hz / 3Ph, 208-240V / 60Hz / 3Ph, 440-460V / 60Hz / 3Ph

Options :

Baca Juga Mesin Cuci Kapasitas Besar

1.  Stainless Steel Sides & Top Panels
2.  Stainless Steel Rear Panel
3. Direct Steam Heating
4. Electrical Heating
5. Combination Tank – Steam/Electric
6. Combination Tank – Electric/Steam
7. EMI Filter
8. Non Std Water Supply Valve Faster Fill
9.  Over Sized Terminal Block for Main Power Connect
10. Buzzer for End Program Warning
11. Vibration Safety Switch
12. Phase Protection Unit
13. Drain Valve Normally Closed Type
14. Flexible Programmable Controller WC-03
15. Ph Testing Point (Front or Rear)
16.  Viton Seals
17. Stainless Steel Water Valves
18. For Ozone Application
19. Special Voltages
20. Export Crating

Detail Spesifikasi Mesin Cuci Industri :

Untuk pilihan Merk dan Spesifikasi lain silahkan Contact 081213970585 (WA/Tlp)

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