Harga Mesin Cuci Linen Hotel atau Rumah Sakit terbaru

Harga Mesin Cuci Linen ada 4 merk  type mesin cuci untuk linen dan harga masing- masing memiliki perbedaan sesuai dengan kualitas , untuk harga mesin cuci linen kelas Low end ada mesin merk Lionix made in china dan harga mesin cuci linen medium ada merk Hs Clean Tech dan harga mesin cuci linen highend ada merk Domus, berikut harga mesin cuci linen hotel :

harga mesin cuci linen

1. Automatic and programmable controlling system with touch screen , which has character of reliable , high degree of automation
and good shock resistance.
2. Adopted to the most advanced international suspension structure(full suspension shock absorb) to absorb vibration , improved the
vibration absorbing structure from hard impact into hydraulic damper spring compression, that the machine will get no vibration
even in the building of skyscraper,
3. Drum is made of stainless steel , corrosion resistance and durable,
4. All closed , front loading and unloading / water inlet and outlet at the back of machine .
5. Using high precision converter motor and famous brand frequency inverter the machine running smooth and reliable,

Model Code SLX30 SLX50
Capacity kg 30 50
Drum size mm Φ900~480 Φ1070×620
Dewatering speed rpm 40/750 38/700
Rated voltage v/p/Hz 380 380
Motor power kw 4 5.5
Electric heating power kw 24 36
Frequency Converter Power(kw) kw 5.5 7.5
Water inlet inch 1.h 1½”
Steam inlet inch 1h 1”
Soap inlet inch 3/4h 3/4”
Steam pressure mpa 0.3-0.5 0.3-0.5
Air pressure mpa 0.45-0.6 0.45-0.6
External dimension(mm) L 13000 1550
D 14000 1600
W 18000 1850
Machine Weight kg 15000 2500
Model Code SLX70 SLX100
Capacity kg 70 100
Drum size mm Φ1200×650 Φ1200×850
Dewatering speed rpm 35/700 32/680
Rated voltage v/p/Hz 380 380
Motor power kw 7.5 7.5
Electric heating power kw
Frequency Converter Power(kw) kw 11 11
Water inlet inch 1½” 1½”
Steam inlet inch 1” 1”
Soap inlet inch 3/4” 3/4”
Steam pressure mpa 0.3-0.5 0.3-0.5
Air pressure mpa 0.45-0.6 0.45-0.6
External dimension(mm) L 1700 1700
D 1700 1900
W 1950 1950
Machine Weight kg 2800 3000

harga mesin cuci linen

1. Our newly designed CX series Barrier Washer Extractor meets the need of bacteria-free dust-free and anti-static requirements. Utilizing the
Barrier Washer Extractor and wall partition, the laundry room can be easily divided into two separate independent operating zones, Viz: ‘Clean’
and ‘Non-Clean’ zones.
2. Launderettes will be loaded into the washing machine through the loading door from the ‘Non-Clean’ zone. When washing is completed,
unloading will be carried out from the ‘Clean’ zone. Under such operation, it effectively prevents gems, bacteria and dust from ‘Non-Clean’ section
polluting the ‘Clean’ zone. Thus it prevents clean laundry from being contaminated and get infected again after washing.
3. CX Series Barrier Washer Extractors are of advanced design, well fabricated, economical to operate, easy maintenance and of high
performance. They are widely used by hospital. food and pharmaceutical factories, nuclear power plants etc where extremely strict dust and
bacteria-free environment are being observed.

Model Code BX35 BX50
Rated Washing Capacity(kg) kg 35 50
Rolling Container Dimension(mm) mm Φ750×800 Φ950×720
VFD Power(kw) mm 5.5 7.5
Motor Power(kw) kw 4 5.5
Rated Voltage(V) kw 220V – 440V 220V – 440V
Cold Water Inlet(inch) inch G1′ G1′
Hot Water Inlet(inch) inch G1′ G1′
Steam Joint(inch) inch G0.5′ G0.75′
Drainage (inch) inch G3′ G3′
Dimesion LxWxH (mm) L 1580×1200×1850 1580×1450×2100
Total Weight(kg) W 1570 1750

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