Mesin Cuci untuk Bed Cover Besar King Size

Mesin Cuci untuk Bed Cover Besar King Size mungkin mesin cuci biasa tidak akan sanggup untuk melakukan proses pencucian, karena bobot bahan yang besar dan tebal serta ruang cuci yang harus besar sehingga membutuhkan kekuatan putaran tinggi dan seimbang, ini yang perlu dipertimbangkan dalam hal memilih Mesin Cuci untuk Bed Cover Besar . Saat ini kami memiliki mesin cuci untuk bed cover besar yang cocok untuk anda yang akan mengelola usaha laundry kiloan , hotel , rumah sakit atau laundry skala industri. berikut mesin cuci untuk bed cover besar yang bisa menjadi rekomendasi antara lain :

mesin cuci untuk bed cover besar

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• Medium spin rigid-mounted washer extractor.
• It is important to fix the machine to the floor (anchoring base included).
• G Force 200.
• Body, drum and tub in stainless steel.
• Detergent dispenser with 4 compartments.
• 8 signals for automatic liquid dosing, programmable in time and delay.
• 3 water inlets.
• These machines have electronic control of imbalance with frequency inverter, that detects the unbalanced load before spinning. Standard frequency: 50 – 60 Hz.
• New microprocessor TOUCH with touch screen. 26 preset programs.
• Possibility of programming, exporting and importing programs without limit, software updates, through USB port, using USB drive.
• Traceability standard: All washing process (temperatures, water levels) is stored in the washer and can be extracted to a PC by means of a USB drive.
• RS-485 serial communication port for monitoring / remote management.
• Wet Cleaning standard in the microprocessor: fully adjustable water levels and washing speed for delicate.
• Optimal loading standard to optimize water and chemicals consumptions.
• LOADING AID feature with water and rotation control for easy loading of the linen.
• Self-service version available by installing a central pay or coin meter on the standard model.
• CE, WRAS and GOST approved product. Optional version for ETL certified product.

• Double drain kit, allow the recovery of the water, with important water savings. Model DMS-18.
• Drain pump kit for models DMS-11 and DMS-14.
• Relay card with 6 extra dosing signals: total of 14 signals in the machine.
• Steam kit to transform an electric or hot water heated machine into steam version.
• Self-Service Kits: Coiner and box; Central pay; Delayed opening door option in case of power outage.
• Ship voltage for electric models: 440V III 50/60 Hz No neutral or 480V III 50/60 Hz No neutral.

Load capacity 1:9 Kg 20
Load capacity 1:10 Kg 18
Volume I 180
Diameter mm 620
Depth mm 600
Washing speed r.p.m. 50
Spining speed r.p.m. 720
G Factor 200
Maximum force transmitted KN 2,46 ±0,9
Frequency-dynamic force Hz 12
Self-service version Yes
Double drain Opt
Height center door / Height door mm 655/395
Diameter mm 373
Motor kW 2,2
Heating (Electric model) kW 12
Max. power (Electric model) kW 12,75
Max. power (Steam and Hot Water) kW 2.2
Tension 230V- I + N + T N° x mm2 / A 2 X 16 / 63A 2 X 1,5 / 10A
Tension 230V- Ill + T N° x mm2 / A 3 X 6 / 40A  –
Tension 400V- Ill + N + T N° x mm2 / A 4 X 2,5 / 20A  –
Steam inlet (Steam mod.) inch 1/2″
Maximum steam consumption (Steam mod.) Kg/h 12
Water inlet inch 3/4″
Water main pressure Kgs/cm2 2-4
Maximum water consumption* Lit/h 118,7
Drain mm/inch 3″
Drainage capacity Lit/min 200
Width mm 788
Depth mm 840
Height mm 1,307
Width mm 860
Depth mm 1,010
Height mm 1,500
Net weight kg 281
Gross weight kg 301
Volume m3 1,30

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